March 12, 2016

Otter Creek, KY

Registration Deadline is Thursday, March 10th at Noon

Mandatory advanced Registration is online this year (see link at the end of this page) 


 As of 1/23/16

THE MEET:   The Ohio Valley School Orienteering Champions consists of one day of Orienteering for the Championship event.    The championship meet is open to all students in the 7th through 12th grades.  Every Team and individual is eligible for awards who qualify.  The meet will be of interest to JROTC units, cross country teams, environmental education classes, and students interested in the outdoors.   


TEAMS on SATURDAY will consist of 3-5 competitors, male or female.   A team may be entered with less than the minimum number of people.  They will not be eligible for team awards however they will be eligible for individual awards.  You may enter as many teams, or partial teams, as you wish.  All competitors must go out individually.   Individuals who make up a team must be on the same course (Novice, JV or Varsity)

SATURDAY WILL ALSO FEATURE A SPRINT RACE AND ON SUNDAY there will be a Long 6 hour Race  that is not part of the OVSOC Championship.   The discounted prices will remain in effect for all students in this age group throughout the weekend.



COURSES:   There will be 5 courses total in 3 Categories:   Novice , JR Varsity, Varsity.  Each one of these categories will be divided up between a Menís course and a Womenís course.  The course you go on will depend on your eligibility.  Please see "Courses and eligibility" below for details.   



SCORING: Team scoring shall consist of totaling the fastest 3 individual times of the team members.  In order to have a valid score, each team must have at least 3 people successfully complete the course.  It should be noted that it is to your advantage to have a full 5 person team.  Individual scores and team scores are calculated by time. 


THE COMPETITION:  Each team leader on Saturday will be given all the Electronic Fingersticks needed for your team at registration.  All controls will have e-punch systems. No start times will be assigned.   We will attempt to space out everyone at least a minute apart but preferably it will be closer to 2 minutes.      Final results are calculated based on elapsed time.  Orienteering rules require that competitors neither seek assistance from other competitors nor render assistance with the course unless someone is injured and in need of help.  There will be a safety bearing and course marshals to assist participants.  All competitors go out individually.


RULES:    There can be disqualifications.  No following, no teaming up, no helping others unless injured or seriously lost.  Controls must be visited in order.  If you miss a marker (Mispunch) or donít punch in order, you will also be disqualified.     Overtime is also grounds for DQ.  Overtime is anything over 3 hours.


AWARDS: Awards will be given to the first three teams in each category.  Additionally, individual awards will be given to the first 3 finishers in each course.  A CHAMPION TEAM AND INDIVIDUAL WILL BE ANNOUNCED AT THE AWARD CEREMONY.  The championship varsity team will get the coveted carved wood trophy that passes from school to school.  Last yearís championship team, Union County HS Indiana will be bringing it down to Otter Creek.   There will also be Team awards in the Novice and JV Categories



EQUIPMENT: Participants must supply their own compass.  They should also have a whistle.  Whistles will be available.   Fingersticks will be given to the competitor at the start.

These will be given on the honor system and they cost $40 each to replace.     Cell phones should also be carried and phone number given to each team leader.


LOCATION:  Otter Creek Park is just located 45 mins SW of Louisville.

The meet headquarters will be at Camp Piomingo within Otter Creek Park.  Just follow the signs once entering the park.    There should not be an entrance charge to the park as long as you tell the person at the entrance that you are attending the Orienteering Meet at Piomingo.




THE MAP is a standard Orienteering style topographical map with a 1:5000 1:7500 or 1:10000 scale, depending on the course.      The courses will be pre-marked on the map.  You will get a chance to look at the map ahead of time but only on Meet day.   If you decide to compete on Sunday, the Red, Green and Brown course maps will be only given to you at the Start.


FEES:  The meet fee is 5.00 for each individual student.   Sunday will cost $20 for students.    All registration should be done online for Students participating in the OVOC. Please go to the OLOU.ORG website to get the forms for your team leader.   There is a $3 per person late fee for no advanced registration and we cannot guarantee you team any maps or awards.  We will try to get you out on the course though.


LAST MINUTE CHANGES:    After signing up, getting commitment from your students the day of the meet is always difficult.   There are always changes.   This year we are going to ask that you call the morning of the meet during travel time to give the final names/numbers and courses.   As soon as you load the bus/car/van, call in this order:  

Mike Minium  513-405-1426, Matthew Robbins 513-607-8997, Bruce Moore 502-640-6861.   If you show up with changes without calling ahead you could be liable for $3 late fee per person plus no guarantee you will get any awards or maps.



BRIEFING: There will be a coach/competitorís briefing prior to the meet.  The rules of the competition will be explained at this briefing.  All coaches are expected to attend.




Schedule (all times are Eastern Standard):                                                                                                            

Saturday OVSOC Meet

Meet HQ open on Saturday:                                               8 AM                                                

Competitor/Coach briefing                                                 9:30 AM

First start                                                                           10:00AM 

Last Start                                                                            Noon                                                         

Awards Ceremony (approximately)                                     3:00 PM



Advanced Registration