Results, Camp Stem,  17 May 2014

On a picture perfect day, cool and partly cloudy, orienteering returned to Camp Stem .  We had 45 total participants try their hand at the course.  There were a total of 33 points on the Rogaine course.  


The Shelbyville KY girl scout troop of Frances Brown, Tammy Schaffer, Kristie Scott, Alexis Schaffer, Darian Scott, Allyssa Scott, Jill Milenhausen, Shelby Brow, Kaya Landers and Alicia Mitchell tried out orienteering for the first time.  Jim Carter provided instruction to them in the field and the class continued back at the shelter after their field work.  The Bloomfield ROTC unit (David Hultberg, Kyle Vaughtr, Mercedes Wilcox and Mark Kirby) also came to their first OLOU meet.  For a couple of the cadets, it was their first time on any orienteering course.


There were two cars that had to be jumped to get started.  Remember everyone--put jumper cables in your car.  Several of the participants were getting practice for the upcoming Adventure Racing Season.  Flying Squirrel is doing their first adventure race of 2014 on June 7th.  Please check out their website or Face Book page.  You have until May 24th to register.


Anders came the furthest--from Sweden--and teamed up with his brother, Anders, to win the two hour competition.  Ben won the four hour competition.  Ben and Stephanie from OCIN were the only ones to clear the course.  Ryan and his wife were impressive with 3 young children in tow to compete in the 4 hour. 


Thanks everyone for coming out and helping us return to Camp Stem .


Two hour competition                         Points              Time


Johan and Anders Hallgren                26                    116:32            

Anthony Fossaluzza                            15                    117:47

Dan Mattingly                                     13                    118:34

Chris Gerstle                                       11                    111:47

Paul Vice                                               9                    114:29

Emily Roach                                         8                    115:41

Shelbyville Girl Scout Troop                7                    120:00

Bloomfield ROTC Unit                        6                    120:00

Maor Schaal & Family                          5                    120:00

Mariko Cowan & young daughter        4                    120:00


Four hour competition


Ben Hart                                             33                    204:27

Stephanie Ross                                    33                    221:41

Jason & Jeremy                                   29                    233:11

Paul Kassebaum                                  24                    234:37

Diane & Bruce                                    19                    191:08

Louie Smith                                        19                    232:14

Anne-Sophie & Laurie                        17                    219:35

Mark Heithoff                                     17                    232:17

Scott Fecher                                        16                    222:57

Ryan Dunlap & Family                       13                    195:16