Results, Camp Stem, 6 August 2016


On a very humid day, 18 came out for the 3rd annual Rogaine.  On Friday, a thunderstorm started at 2:00 and did not end until 6:00.  This resulted in me not getting out 4 controls on the far North of the course.  I also had to cancel the MTB point to point courses and just go with the Rogaine course. 

 Chris was our only 3 hr on a bike.  As he said, and all the others on bikes agreed, the bike controls were great, but the foot controls on a bike were like carrying a bowling ball around. 

 Paul, Alison & Nancy were a 3hr team. It was great to see all of them. 

 On the 6hr bike, Louis III & Aaron managed to clear the course carrying their bowling balls, but Carl ran out of steam with his (heavier model).

 On the 6hr foot, Doug, Matt & Dan ran as a team clearing the course.  Scott was right behind them also clearing but did it solo!  Louis had a great run - saying it was fun to do real Orienteering for a change.  Laura, Lonnie & Cecil were a team but Cecil got cramps so bad that even a beer could not get him back on the course. So they had to bow out early.  Jim had a good showing after I wore him out setting on Thursday.  Pam in her first solo orienteering try, did very well.  Special thanks to Pam for all her help with this meet.

 Matt arrived late and was interested in the bike controls - so he rode two different loops - the west loop and then the east loop.  Special thanks to Matt for picking up the controls on the east loop.  That saved me a lot of time.

 The consensus of the fastest teams were if I had gotten those last 4 controls out, it would have added about 45 minutes to one hour to clear the course.


Camp Stem August 6, 2016
Time (Rounded) Points
3 hr – bike Chris Gerstle 177 32
3hr – foot Paul Vice 171 21
Alison Ewart 171 21
Nancy Logan 171 21
6hr – bike Louis Smith III 327 63
Aaron Smith  327 63
Carl Christy 292 22
6hr – foot Doug Bass (NTOA) 284 63
Matt Holman (QOC) 284 63
Dan Holman 284 63
Scott Huddleston 287 63
Louis Smith 326 45
Laura Parker 249 42
Lonnie Parker 249 42
Cecil McFarland 249 41
Jim Carter 265 36
Pam Barnes 280 27
MTB West & East Loops
Matthew Robbins OCIN 37 9
N/A 5
* Cleared the Course