Results, Horine, 11 April 2015

We had a beautiful day for the meet at Horine, with just over 20 people showing up to battle those really intense hills!  Jeff Hamilton killed the yellow in 37:54, with Shannon (and baby Connor) coming in 2nd.  John Clifford and his father were the only ones to go on the Orange, finishing in just over two hours.  Dan Mattingly and Chris Gerstle battled it out on Brown, with Dan winning by 22 minutes at 91:24.  Ken Kling finished the green in 103:02, with Jim Carter 29 minutes behind him.  And the red course had the most competitors (11 runners), with Aaron Smith finishing in 94:03 and Pete Godbey following him at 95:46. It had to be frustrating for Mike Minium who drove all the way here from Cincinnati only to miss-punch because I placed the control in the wrong re-entrant.  Sorry, Mike!  Thanks to everyone who came ou,t and a special thanks to those who stayed after to help pick up controls- Louis Smith, Aaron Smith, Chris Gerstle, and Alex Izzo- I really appreciate it!!

 Laurie Bishop


Jeff Hamilton 37:54
Shannon Burke & Connor 73:56...
Reese Tannhouser 81:19
Skyler Hertel MP
Jordan Hertel MP

John Clifford 130:38

Dan Mattingly 91:24
Chris Gerstle 113:47

Ken Kling 103:02
Jim Carter 132:46

Aaron Smith 94:03
Pete Godbey 95:46
Louis Smith 109:44
Alex Izzo 118:30
John Shanton 132:13
Dana Shanton 132:14
Carl Christy 192:21
Mike Minium 97:00 MP (on the misplaced control)
Alex, Jamie, & Brennan MP