Results, Iroquois Park, 18 January 2014

Iroquois was beautiful today with light snow accumulation on the ground. Conditions were very cold and sunny at the mass start. Temperatures warmed slightly and cloud cover increased throughout the meet.

We had about 50 entries, including Apollo, Hopkins Central, and North Bullitt high schools. Five runners attempted the long 8.3 km course, where endurance and consistency were key. On the middle course, the top three runners stayed within sight of each other until the race was decided at controls 10 and 11, both deep in the woods on steep terrain. Everyone made it back in by 1:00 and I was glad not to be waiting out in the cold at registration much longer!

Thanks to Ken, Paul, and Jim for control setting and pickup. Thanks to Louie for handling membership registration and thanks to Ken for all his meet administration help.

Name Time Course
Benjamin Hart 1:38:27 Long
Stephanie Ross 1:54:59 Long
Marcus Su 1:57:51 Long
Chris Gerstle 2:18:53 Long
Carl Christy MP Long
Dan Mattingly 1:05:12 Middle
Aaron Smith 1:06:12 Middle
Louis Smith III 1:24:13 Middle
Aaron Conway 1:41:28 Middle
Powers Bredan 1:47:30 Middle
Alison Torpey 1:59:17 Middle
Carson Torpey 1:59:38 Middle
Offerman Ryan 2:02:28 Middle
Laurie Bishop 2:13:05 Middle
Goffinet Alex 2:18:32 Middle
Embrey Tyler 2:23:09 Middle
Summers Clayton 2:27:41 Middle
John Fyffe 2:36:42 Middle *
Louis Smith 2:38:51 Middle
Robert Reed 2:39:57 Middle started 25 minutes late
Richard Thu Cook MP Middle
Jim carter MP Middle
Nick Harp MP Middle
Richie Herdon 0:38:02 Short
Johnson Parker 0:38:14 Short
Stanley Logan 0:38:17 Short
Laura Ferguson 0:48:24 Short
 Buchanan Tony 0:53:50 Short
Cunningham Patrick 0:55:18 Short
Paul Vice 1:11:55 Short
Cunningham Christopher 1:21:52 Short
Daugherty Alyssa 1:40:58 Short
Hicks James 1:41:32 Short
Daugherty, Brianna 1:41:35 Short
Probus Leslie 1:48:45 Short
* Did not do in order - Adventure Racer - We did not explain point to point race